How to Bet on NFL Games

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Basic Football Betting Tips That Will Help You Learn How to Bet on NFL Games

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Some refer to the NFL as the “King of Sports”, a fitting title as it certainly fuels the world of sports betting. You will find signs of NFL sports betting everywhere these days with point spreads and projected totals listed in newspapers, on the internet and the stock market like ticker on ESPN. Pro football is so popular among sports bettors mainly because most of the games appear on free TV and the schedule is on a week to week basis. This makes the sport much easier to keep up with than everyday games such as hockey, basketball and baseball.

While much of the general public is knowledgeable of the sport, the NFL betting lines have become so tight that average bettors are lost on how to uncover the secrets that will help them consistently beat the sportbooks. With so many options available, they don’t know whether to go bold on a few teasers or take the moneyline.

Here are a few of the basics that will help you learn how to bet on NFL games

Three is the Magic Number

When shopping for lines and odds, keep your eye out for three point spreads. Its a proven fact that many of the NFL games are decided by three points, meaning there is a significant difference between betting on a 2.5 or 3.5 line.

Leave Last Week in the Past

Never put too much stock into a team’s performance in the previous week. There is an entirely different level of intensity in the pros and anything can happen. When NFL betting, you should look for a few decent teams that lost in the previous week and see what the odds are of them bouncing back.

Don't Be Crippled By Injuries

With the exception of a Pro Bowl quarterback, many injuries in the NFL are highly overrated. You will find that point spreads shift rather dramatically all because a single player is out. If you notice that an injury has resulted in an exaggerated line, exploit it by taking the team with the injured player.

Know Whats Available

One of the most confusing aspects about NFL betting is all the options you have for making a wager. The best way to approach this is to know whats out there and how you can benefit. You should know that parlays could be a little risky but far more rewarding and all about the many winning opportunities you have with prop bets. Although they are the most popular in early February when Super Bowl odds begin to circulate, prop bets are available everyday and give you a way to profit on various elements of the game.

The NFL is the most watched and bet on sport in the world. At the same time, its often the most difficult to handicap. The best thing is that if you are a fan, you already have one major advantage. By picking your spots wisely and practicing sound money management you can become successful at NFL betting and end things on a good note by working the Super Bowl odds.